Coco and Bonnie – Walk a Dog & You’ll Find a Permanent Job!

When we met Coco, we didn’t know she was 12 years old but she had that laid back personality that we needed.  I took her for a walk just to see how she handled a leash.  She was perfect.  I found out she loves her walks – Moe warned me, but was she ever correct.  We took her home and really fell in love with her.  We have had her since June 2014 and she has yet to use our yard for anything but rolling in the grass.  All pottying is done on our multiple walks.  She gets along with everybody and every animal.  She is a nice warning when anyone comes to the door, but doesn’t bark without a reason.  We got her dental problems taken care of and put her on meds for joint issues.

She would spend part of her day with her head in my husband’s lap.  He was failing and is now in a care facility, but she made his last month’s at home much better.  I’m am so glad she came into our lives and I vow to make the rest of her life as good as it gets.  I resolved to just adopt older dogs from here on out.