The Importance of Crate Training & Crate Types

Importance of Crate Training

The absolute safest and most useful thing you can do for your dog is to crate train it. Not only does it help with housebreaking, but it’s also great for:

  • Keeping your dog safe while unattended (prevents them from rummaging through trash or cabinets, counter surfing, destroying furniture, etc.)
  • If you ever stay at a hotel or someone else’s home with your dog
  • Having to be hospitalized at a vet
  • Going to a boarding facility or boarding at someone’s home
  • Needing to be on crate rest following an injury or surgery
  • Practicing being calm

Types of Crates

The most commonly used crate is a wire crate. These are easy to fold up & transport and are the most affordable, but they might not work for all dogs. Dogs who have phobias, separation problems, or destructive tendencies might do best in a different type of crate, such as ones that are chew-proof or create a den-like feel with an enclosed/dark space. Other crates to consider that are safer and more durable than wire crates are:

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are great sources for secondhand crates.

*Pictured at the top of the blog is the crash-tested G1 Intermediate Gunner Kennel.