Quincy & Mia – The Dynamic Duo Completes a Family!

Tails & Trails Quincy &  Mia complete the family!

Tails & Trails Quincy & Mia complete the family!

My name is Cori and my family has adopted 2 wonderful dogs from Tails and Trails. We adopted Quincy in December of 2013 just before the New Year. He took no time at all to adjust to life with his new canine brother and sister and even enjoys chasing the cats around, though he’s not quite quick enough to catch up with them. Q & M 2

If you’re ever looking for Quincy chances are good that if he isn’t sitting in your lap you’ll find him snuggled up to his buddy Tucker or Mia; unless the heat is on in which case he’ll be snoozing over the heat vent.

Taking care of my human!

Taking care of my human!

We offered to foster Mia in September of 2014 after her owner passed away. It’s been quite apparent that Mia’s previous owner never left her side and interacted with her often. Mia expects you to pick her up every time you come home and ask her about her day. She loves pestering Quincy and even lets her human cousin Jordan “read” her stories and gladly sits in his lap.

These two have both brought so much energy and joy to our home, making it impossible to imagine life without them.

Q & M Superheros
Thank you Tails and Trails for completing our furry family!